1853 W. OLD M63, LUTHER, MI

Lodge Rules & Cancellation Policy


● Absolutely NO SMOKING inside any cabins or buildings. Otherwise, an extra charge of $150 will be applied to cover the costs and time of extra cleaning and thorough sanitizing. Do not discard cigarette butts (or any litter) on the grounds.

● Please do not pour grease, coffee grounds, food boogers or sink chowder down the drain. The septic system is old, tired and temperamental. It does not like feminine products or diapers flushed down the toilet, either. Don’t make me get my plunger.

● Please do not use provided lodge towels, washcloths or dishcloths as rags to clean boots, helmets, ATVs, waders, boats or vehicles. Otherwise, extra replacement charges will be applied.

● Dishes, glasses and utensils used outside of the cabin should be returned to the cabin where they belong. Before departing, all dishes should be cleaned, put away and the cabin (and its furnishings) left as it was found.

● TVs, lights, furnace, fans, etc. should be turned off while guests are out for the day. Help us keep rates low by keeping the costs of propane, electricity and wear & tear down.

● After use, the range and oven should be wiped clean of grease, food spills and splatters.

● Although apparently acceptable in the past, graffiti and defacing of lodge property will not be tolerated and will be subject to extra charges for damages. (Extra-extra charges will be applied for graffiti misspellings and poor grammar, which is not tolerated either).

● Because of past abuses, FIREWORKS and DISCHARGE OF FIREARMS are strictly prohibited on lodge property. Please shoot and blow things up elsewhere.

● Quiet time is 11pm. Please understand that lodgers at North Rivers come here seeking peace and quiet – and they probably don’t like your music, either. The night sounds of owls, coyotes and tree frogs are soothing and should be heard instead. Your consideration is appreciated.

● Absolutely no amount of gasoline should be used to start a bonfire – Youtube is full of videos demonstrating why this is a terrible idea. Keep gas cans stored outside, but away from fire. Fire pits and grills are not garbage cans. Fire pits should be cleaned of tossed trash and ciggy butts.

● At times, fires may not be permitted by order of US Forest Service or township fire department in times of drought and/or high winds. They do make their rounds and citations will be issued.

● Vehicle parking should be in designated areas on graveled spaces. Parking on any grass is permitted only in the case of overflow and trailer use as directed by the owner.

● No riding of ATVs, SxS or dirt bikes in the driveway or parking area – please use the miles of provided trails instead. Please go easy on the throttle here, as unnecessary revving of engines is not a pleasant sound for others who come here for the natural serenity.

● Pets are permitted for a $10 per pet/per night fee. Please clean up after your pets and be conscious of excessive barking. For the safety of your pet and other’s pets, leashes should be used when other dogs are present. Absolutely no chaining of dogs to trees while left alone. Damage to lodge property caused by pets will be subject to charges for replacement or repair.

● Check in is at 3pm and check out is at 11am. Please be considerate of those who have a very small amount of time to clean thoroughly and efficiently to prepare for the cabin’s next guests.



● To sustain a healthy, naturally-reproducing wild trout population, we ask Lodge Guests to observe the house rules of Catch and Release. All Rainbow, Brown and Brook Trout should be handled gently with wet hands and carefully released to ensure survival.

● The easement of wild grasses and native wildflowers along the rivers banks are managed to maximize natural habitat, stabilize banks, provide cooling shade, cover and fair chase. Please avoid trampling to ensure natural beauty.

● Do not discard plastics, styrofoam, cigar/cigarette butts, cans, bottles, fishing tackle/line, grill ashes or food items into the river. If it does not naturally belong in the river, kindly keep it out.

● The Little Manistee’s river bed is a soft, fragile, coldwater spring-fed stream. It is a uniquely diverse, but delicate ecosystem. If wading, take care around the silted streamside, wooded debris and aquatic grasses – they are all vital, natural habitat for a variety of native residents. Please tread lightly and leave no trace.

● All river wildlife plays a vital role in this ecosystem. This includes frogs, snakes, turtles, and even spiders and bats. All wildlife should be left unharmed and not disturbed from their natural habitat. Take only pictures.

● Thank you for not breaking glass where children play.

Cancellation Policy

● Reservations cancelled 30 days before reservation will result in a full refund.

● Reservations cancelled within 30 days of reservation date will result in forfeited deposit.

● Cancellations within 14 days of the reservation can be charged in full.